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Put your safe driving habits to work

Good driving habits can save you money on your car insurance with the OnTrack save driver discount.



What is OnTrack?

OnTrack is a safe driver discount program for Integrity auto insurance policyholders.  Use the OnTrack app to save on car insurance based on your driving behavior. You won't be penalized for a low score.

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How it works

The app reviews your driving for 90 days, looking at:

Green speedometer iconTotal mileage

(e.g., short trips, driving long distances)

Green clock iconTime of day

(e.g., rush hour, late-night driving).

Green winding road traffic sign iconSmoothness

(e.g., harsh braking, rapid acceleration)

Green road iconRoad type

(e.g., highways, city streets)

The information is used to determine a total score up to 100. When your Integrity auto insurance policy renews, you can earn a discount based on your score.

We only use the information to give you a discount and there is no penalty for a low score. Most OnTrack drivers receive a discount when they renew their policy. Plus, new Integrity auto insurance policyholders will receive an automatic discount when they enroll in the program.

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Common questions about OnTrack

How much money can I save with a safe driver discount?

New Integrity policyholders earn a 10% discount on their auto insurance if they enroll in OnTrack. When you renew your policy, you can save up to 25%. It doesn’t cost anything to participate in the program and you won’t be charged if you earn a poor score.

Plus, discounts are applied per driver enrolled on your policy. That’s up to 25% off per driver at renewal!

Is the OnTrack app difficult to use?

Getting started is easy. Once enrolled in the program, you’ll receive an email with a link to download the OnTrack app. Download the app, input your phone number and the verification code, then choose to allow permissions.

Once you’ve set up the app, you’re ready to start driving for a discount. The app will automatically review your trip and calculate your score, making it easy to earn a discount on your policy.

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Ready to start saving?

Contact your independent insurance agent to enroll in OnTrack and drive toward savings.

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