About our agents

Our independent agents work for you.

When you shop for insurance with an independent agent, you know your insurance needs are going to be put first. Our agents are local and ready to ease any worries or stress you may have about buying insurance.

Why should you shop for insurance with an independent agent? Here are just a few things that make all the difference.

An insurance agent sitting at a table with a man and a woman while discussing a document.

They have your best interests in mind

Independent agents care about your needs and are able to show the best options for you from multiple carriers. They care about providing you with the best options, not selling one company’s policies. Agents working for one insurance company can only show you the best options from one company—theirs.

They will help you find the right fit

Since independent agents work with multiple carriers, they are just a click away from multiple policies and discount offers. When it’s that easy for them, why would you spend hours on the Internet trying to find the best deal on your own, while wondering if you’re making the right choice?

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Shop local with independent agents

They are insurance experts

Insurance isn’t easy to understand, so why figure it out on your own? Independent agents are passionate about insurance. They might ask questions you never thought to ask. They might suggest options you never considered. And they’ll look to find the coverage that’s right for you.

Personalized, local service

When you shop with a local independent agent, they not only care about finding the best coverage for you, they know your neighborhood, too. If you need local repairs after an accident, they have the knowledge to recommend someone around the block, not across the city.

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