Our commitment to diversity, equity & inclusion

Integrity values all the things that make us unique as people. Integrity is committed to creating and supporting a workforce and agency force that reflects differences ranging from race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity and age to thoughts, perspectives, and experiences. To encourage an inclusive environment, we will intentionally bring those differences together for the good of Integrity, its agents and customers.

Diverse associates working 

Our organization has reiterated our promise to fight racial injustice and inequality, adding our voice to the call to declare racism a public health crisis in our headquarters city of Columbus, Ohio.

We continue to strengthen our efforts to increase diversity amongst our collective workforce, with more than 50% all new hires being diverse. In addition, we've held crucial conversations focused on race with our senior leadership, management teams and within business units. We've devoted a page on our intranet to promote diversity and inclusion resources, introduced "Conversations of Understanding" training and led mandatory unconscious bias training.

“Diversity, equity, and inclusion are critical to who we are and how we do business. It's important all associates feel valued and empowered to fully contribute to our company. We believe diversity fuels innovation and fosters collaboration, which helps us better empathize with and serve customers, agency partners, and communities across our footprint.”

John Ammendola, President & CEO

Read our statement against racism, inequality, and injustice.

Diversity, equity and inclusion are embedded in our corporate strategy

Diversity, equity and inclusion play a crucial role in our Grange Insurance and Integrity Insurance enterprise strategy and serves as a strategic enabler to our mission and vision. Expanding the potential of a diverse associate force is not only a social priority but also a competitive edge. From a business point of view, to best serve the market we must “employ the market.” Only through an intricate lens can we truly recognize the needs of our agents and customers and provide them with the right products and services. Importantly, this lens also allows us to keep stride with the marketplace and remain competitive.

We support diversity and inclusion in the workforce, workplace, marketplace and community

Some of our diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts:

  • Conducting an annual equal pay audit
  • Introducing Hate Crime Deductible Waiver for personal lines auto policies
  • Over the last few years, we’ve provided an additional $2.5 million to advance racial equality, support health and human services
  • Establishing inclusive benefits and wellbeing resources such as: domestic partner benefits, floating cultural appreciation holiday, compassion leave and a gender transition resource guide.
  • Awards
    • Outstanding Diversity Organization, 2022
    • Doreen DeLaney Crawley, Chief Operations Officer named Outstanding Diversity Champion, 2023



We value and promote diversity, equity and inclusion in every aspect of our business and at every level of our enterprise. Investing in DE&I is the right thing to do. It allows us to achieve our full potential and the ability to bring out the best in our associates and serve our agency partners and customers.

Carrie Maun-Smith
AVP, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and Community Relations

Associate Resource Groups foster belonging

Our Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) are an example of how we connect and invest in our associates and build a culture that fosters belonging, education, innovation and growth. Our four ARGs bring together different perspectives and experiences, foster professional development, social connectivity and celebrate diversity throughout Integrity.

  1. Pride Partnership and Allies. Formed in March 2016, this group aims to create a greater sense of belonging among our associates and fulfill our commitment to inclusivity. Our Pride ARG focuses on empowering the LGBTQ+ community and allies.
  2. Women’s Group. Founded in 2013, this group focuses on supporting and encouraging female associates through connection, collaboration, mentorship and discussion. Our Women's Group offers networking, socialization and professional development.
  3. Young Professionals. Started in 2014, this group helps develop motivated young professionals by providing resources and opportunities to advance their careers, develop a sense of community, grow professionally and build bridges across the company.
  4. Multicultural Professional Network. Founded in 2022, this group creates, nurtures and sustains a global, inclusive culture where differences drive innovative solutions to meet the needs of our associates, agents and customers.

DE&I Advisory Council

  1. Our DE&I advisory council brings together associates from across the enterprise to engage them in Grange’s DE&I journey and focus on our four strategy areas: Workforce, Workplace, Marketplace, and Community.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Education and Events

Additional diversity, equity and inclusion development and engagement opportunities include:

  1. Professional development events and continuous learning opportunities for associates
  2. Conversations of Understanding discussions
  3. Veteran’s Day recognition
  4. Diwali celebration
  5. Black History celebration

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Training Opportunities

Throughout the year, we offer a variety of diversity, equity and inclusion development opportunities for associates, managers and company leaders. Below is a sampling of what we offer:

  1. Creating an Inclusive Culture
  2. Crucial Conversations
  3. Unconscious Bias
  4. Intrinsic Inclusion
  5. Generational Differences
  6. Inclusive Leadership
Associates share what diversity, equity and inclusion means to them

For me, it’s about being open – to people, situations, and approaches that may be different than your own. When you open your eyes to those around you and share in their thoughts, experiences, and challenges, it allows you to see the world in a new way, with a learning mindset. Providing an environment for our members where they feel valued, respected, empowered, and included matters to me. I am proud to work for an employer who is not only open to Diversity and Inclusion, but also makes it a part of who they are and what they do.”

Shauna Durant, Women’s Group

It means encouraging collaboration between diverse individuals with a common goal of providing opportunities that foster a culture of belonging. Our Young Professionals group focuses on supporting associates who are young in their career, young in age, or new to the insurance industry; however, our membership also includes experienced associates who provide valuable networking, knowledge, and guidance. We offer a safe space to share ideas, concerns, and solutions. We want our members to share their unique values, understanding, and backgrounds to expand awareness and appreciation of our differences and similarities.”

Bethany Daley, Young Professionals

Diversity, equity, and especially inclusion, are important to me because I believe individuals thrive as a team when differences are recognized, welcomed, and celebrated. I have found that for me, an inclusive workplace means that individuals spend less personal energy considering the “what ifs.” What if I don’t belong? What if I don’t have a voice? What if I’m never recognized for what I contribute? In an inclusive workplace, the nervous energy spent within negative expectations can be redirected towards confidence, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. A diverse team brings more world experience to the table and is a multiplier of strengths over weaknesses.”

Laurel Odronic, Pride Partnership & Allies

Supporting diversity, equity and inclusion in the community

At Grange Insurance and Integrity Insurance, we believe in cultivating partnerships within the community that advance the efforts of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Below are some of our enterprise partnerships.

Signature Community Partner

United Way Fox Cities logo United Way of Central Ohio logo

Community Partnerships

African American Leadership Academy logo Alvis logo Alzheimer’s Association logo Catholic Social Services logo The Center for Healthy Families logo Central Ohio Diversity Consortium logo Heinzerling Community logo YWCA of Columbus logo YMCA of Columbus logo Stonewall Columbus logo The Salvation Army logo

We value supplier diversity

Together with Grange Insurance, we recognize that great relationships with suppliers are a vital element to our success. We seek to partner with firms that can understand the unique requirements of the insurance industry and deliver world-class solutions successfully and at a reasonable cost. It is our goal to continuously develop a supplier base that includes diverse suppliers. Our Grange Insurance and Integrity Insurance enterprises’ definition of a diverse supplier is at least 51% owned, operated and controlled by minorities, women, veterans or members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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