Claims service providers

Finding the right auto repair shop, contractor or workers’ comp medical provider can be difficult when you experience a loss.

Integrity simplifies the process with access to a network of reputable auto repair partners, tips to help you locate and select the best contractor to repair your home or business and tools to allow you access to in-network providers for your employees if injured at work.

Auto vendors

We offer assistance for common roadside emergencies, including out of fuel, engine trouble and locked out. Call (866) 767-0150 or use the Integrity Mobile app to request and track assistance.

To locate a recommended repair shop in your area click here.

Integrity Insurance and Safelite Auto Glass have a long-standing partnership to assist you with glass-related claims for your vehicle.

If you have had glass damage and would like to schedule a repair:

  1. Call our Glass Claims Reporting Hotline at (800) 951-9734; or
  2. Visit Safelite's website to report your auto glass claim and schedule a service visit.

Choosing a contractor

While the majority of home repair contractors are honest and reputable, unfortunately there are people and businesses who prey on consumers after a disaster. It is a good idea to talk with friends and co-workers for referrals. Local building or material supply companies can also be a good source of ideas. Take a look at the guidelines below to help you hire the right contractor to make your repairs.

Finding Qualified, Trustworthy Contractors

When talking with potential contractors, be sure to ask them about:

  1. Experience: Ask about their experience Ideally, the contractor should have at least five years of experience. Ask about projects they’ve done that are similar to yours.
  2. Insurance: Verify their insurance Make sure the contractor has liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage.
  3. References: Request references Ask for names and contact information of previous customers who would be willing to talk with you about their experience with the contractor.
  4. Resources: Check on their record of workmanship Contact the Better Business Bureau or other consumer organizations to find out if the contractor has a record of complaints about workmanship, cost over-runs or other issues.
  5. Communication: Make sure the contractor maintains an open line of communication with you. The company should provide you with updates and frequent progress reports on the work being completed.
  6. Physical location of their business: Verify a Business Physical Location Avoid businesses that have only a P.O. Box or contractors that have recently moved into the area.
  7. Contract: Let them know you’ll require a signed contract that outlines all conditions of work, including time and payment schedules, work to be completed, materials to be provided and other items important to the project.

Report suspicious activity! Integrity partners with the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) to prevent and combat insurance fraud. If you suspect suspicious activity or feel you have been defrauded by a home repair contractor, call 800-TEL-NICB (800) 835-6422).

Before making a decision, check with the Better Business Bureau or other consumer organizations to find out if the contractor has a record of complaints about workmanship, cost over-runs or other issues.

Workers' Comp medical providers

Integrity continuously looks for ways to help you manage your Workers' Compensation costs. As medical costs continue to rise, our Provider Search is an excellent tool that lets you find a convenient provider within our network, resulting in discounted rates if treatment for your employee is required.  Register for a MyIntegrity Account.

The MyIntegrity Account tool allows you to access policy information and documents, bill pay, ID cards, Claims reporting and tracking, as well as a link to our Workers' Compensation Provider Search tool. You will then be able to search medical providers or pharmacies by zip code and print worksite posters. You can see an example of the Provider Search screen below.

Minnesota Electronic Medical Billing and Contact Information

An example of the Provider Search screen within the MyIntegrity Account tool.

We appreciate your enrollment in MyIntegrity Account and hope that you find benefit in the information and convenience it provides.

Please note, in Wisconsin and Minnesota when a injured worker reports an injury, the employer shall offer the worker the right to select a doctor of the worker's choice for treatment. If the injury creates an emergency situation, the employer may make whatever arrangements are necessary for immediate treatment. Once the emergency passes, the worker has the right to select a doctor for future treatment. In the state of Iowa medical treatment can be directed by the employer.