When it’s time to compare insurance coverage for your castle, the policy you choose has to measure up.

Just one difference between this policy and the next can take your day from “Oh, this is no problem,” to “Are you telling me this isn’t covered?!”

That's just one example of when having an independent agent is crucial. Your agent will make sure they are aware of all your needs when recommending the right policy to fully protect your house and the belongings inside. For instance:

  • Underground service line. A leak, break, tear, rupture or collapse can easily damage underground pipes or wires, which you are legally responsible for maintaining. Can you afford to pay for repairs?
  • Home cyber protection. Computer attacks, cyber extortion and online fraud can be costly when trying to repair the damage. If you fall victim to a cyber attack, would you want help restoring your information and reclaiming costs?
  • Back up of sewers and drains. It’s a commonly missed coverage for many property owners. Could you cover the costs to clean and fix damages to your basement and its contents if the sewer or drain backed up and caused a flood?
  • Home replacement cost. Most homeowners are under the impression that the replacement cost of their house is the same as the market value. This is not the case. New material costs, debris removal and bringing on a specialized contractor are just some of the things that can add onto the cost. This also affects any items you own. Do you really want your house and the contents restored to precisely what you had if you experienced a total loss?
  • Jewelry, artwork and collectibles. We know some things can’t be replaced. However, if your valuable property is damaged or taken, wouldn’t you at a minimum like to be reimbursed for it?
  • Identity theft protection. One U.S. citizen falls victim to identity theft every three seconds.1 Wouldn’t you like expert assistance in recovering your identity, contacting credit bureaus and creditors plus creating documentation to assist the police in solving your case?
  • Renters and condo insurance. Do you have plans to scale down or is your child or loved one planning to get a place of their own?
  • Personal umbrella. Suppose someone sued you for property damage, character defamation, libel or worse. Don’t you want extra security to cover the settlement cost?
  • Equipment breakdown. Could you manage the cost to install a new furnace, air conditioning or ventilation system if it quit unexpectedly? Do you have a generator or pool equipment that should be protected?
  • Assisted living care. Do you have a family member in an assisted living in need of coverage for their personal items?
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1 – Javelin Strategy & Research, “2013 Identity Fraud Report”

*Available coverages and discounts may vary by state. Please contact your Integrity Independent Agent to discuss coverage details, discounts and eligibility requirements. For specific coverage details, always refer to your policy. If the policy coverage descriptions herein conflict with the language in the policy, the language in the policy applies.