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What to do after a car accident

At the site of the accident, collect the following information:

  1. Name and contact information for all parties involved and potential witnesses
  2. Contact info and report number for responding police department
  3. Year, make and model of all vehicles involved
  4. Photos of the accident scene, the vehicles involved and any damages sustained by you or the other driver
  5. Important landmarks, addresses, route numbers, or road conditions
  6. Avoid discussions of insurance policy coverage, limits or fault

Report your claim

Please report your accident quickly and easily in one of the following ways:

  1. Contact us at (800) 445-3030
  2. Contact your Integrity agent
  3. Sign up or sign in to your Integrity account to report your claim online
  4. If you only have glass damage, click here to report your claim online or contact Safelite at (800) 951-9734.

Once you report your claim

Shortly after you’ve filed your auto claim, an Integrity representative will be in touch to walk you through the claims process and assist with:

  1. Gathering detailed facts of the accident including whether or not there were any injuries
  2. Reviewing your coverage and discussing your deductible amount and how that is applied
  3. Helping set up a rental vehicle for you if you have chosen that coverage
  4. Arranging to have your damages inspected
  5. Contacting other parties and insurance carriers that were involved in the accident

When your vehicle can be repaired

Our goal is to get you back into your car and safely on the road as soon as possible. Please see our Inspection Process for more information about the inspection options available to determine the extent of damages to your vehicle.

When your vehicle is totaled

Our goal is to compensate you (or your lienholder) for the actual cash value of your car as quickly as possible. We will account for your vehicle’s age, condition, mileage, options and title history to determine its actual cash value. (See Total Loss Claims.) We recommend you locate your title as soon as possible to assist us in the timely processing of all paperwork. Once you learn your vehicle may be a total loss (i.e. totaled), we suggest that you begin the search for a replacement vehicle as soon as possible.

Claim settlement

Once we receive the vehicle evaluation, your Integrity claim representative will contact you to review the evaluation and the settlement amount. Your representative will advise you of the next steps for payment to be issued and payment options.


Sign up for electronic claims payment

You can receive your payment within hours via direct deposit with our electronic claims payment option. Save time and frustration when you file a claim—Ask your Integrity claim representative for more information about our electronic claims payment service.


What to do after a loss to your home or business

  1. Make temporary repairs to prevent additional damage. Save your receipts and hold onto any damaged parts or items. If it’s possible, keep all property away from the affected areas.
  2. Avoid paying for more than emergency first aid. Track any additional fees associated with fixing or replacing damaged property.
  3. For fire damage, reach out to a contractor to secure your property and disconnect utilities. It’s important to save any items with fire damage.
  4. When you’ve had water damage, be sure to turn off the main water supply. Do not attempt potentially dangerous repairs. Watch out for submerged appliances, chemicals or electrical outlets that may be in standing water. Consult a plumber if you have any questions.
  5. For severe weather damage, make temporary repairs to protect your home or business from further damages.
  6. For theft or vandalism, notify the police right away. Then take care of securing your building. Carefully take an inventory of your property that was stolen or damaged. Finally, speak with your bank or credit card company if any debit or credit cards are missing.
  7. If you had to close your business and take emergency steps to re-open, your policy may cover those costs. Be sure to save your receipts.
  8. To determine your lost income and expenses, your claims representative will need sales records, profit and loss statements, tax records and other information.

How to file a claim

Call us 24/7 at (800) 445-3030, log in to your Integrity account or contact your independent agent.

After your claim is filed

An Integrity claim representative will be in touch to walk you through the claims process:

  1. Your claim representative may schedule an in-person visit to evaluate structural damage and put together an estimate for you.
  2. If you have personal property damage, you will need to fill out the Integrity Property Loss Inventory Sheet to share details about your items.
  3. In an itemized estimate prepared by your claim representative, you will be able to review a list of all covered damages. Estimates use current pricing.

Contact your claim representative with questions. Even after your claim has been filed, your claim representative will continue to be available to help address any of your questions or concerns.

Sign up for electronic claims payment

You can receive your payment within hours via direct deposit with our electronic claims payment option. Save time and frustration when you file a claim—Ask your Integrity claim representative for more information about our electronic claims payment service.


What to do after a loss on your property

If a loss occurs on your premises or as a result of your work:

  1. Document all important facts, including names and best phone/e-mail contact for all parties involved
  2. Take photos of the loss location
  3. Gather any damaged property for potential inspection
  4. Secure and retain surveillance video of the loss (if available)

Report your claim

Report your liability claim as soon as possible. You can call the 24-hour Integrity Loss Reporting Center at (800) 445-3030, log on to your MyIntegrity Account or contact your insurance agent.

Once you report your claim

Our goal is contact you as quickly as possible.

Your claim is important to us. You’ll soon receive a call from an Integrity claim representative. During the call, they will walk through the claims process and help get your claim underway by:

  1. Gathering detailed facts of the loss
  2. Completing a recorded interview (if needed)
  3. Discussing any additional information you may have concerning the claim (photos, damaged property, surveillance video, etc.) and how it can be sent to us
  4. Answering any questions you may have

Stay connected

Staying connected to us is important and will help us to better handle your claim. Feel free to call with questions as we do our best to make the claims process seamless for you. The information you can provide is key to helping us successfully handle your claim.

Should you receive any paperwork that looks legal in nature, please get in touch with your claim representative or your agent right away.

What to do when an employee is injured while working

When an employee is injured on the job, your first concern is his/her well-being. If treatment is required, suggest that they seek medical treatment with one of the following providers listed on the physician panel posting form. The physicians listed are experienced in handling work-related injuries.

Please note, in Wisconsin and Minnesota when a injured worker reports an injury, the employer shall offer the worker the right to select a doctor of the worker's choice for treatment. If the injury creates an emergency situation, the employer may make whatever arrangements are necessary for immediate treatment. Once the emergency passes, the worker has the right to select a doctor for future treatment. In the state of Iowa medical treatment can be directed by the employer.

State forms and websites

Report injuries as soon as they occur

Phone: (800) 686-0025
Fax: (866) 256-9207
Email your loss report

Our loss reporting representatives will ask questions about how the injury occurred and complete a First Report of Injury form, which will be filed with the state. Failure to report claims promptly could result in fines and penalties.

Once you report your claim

Our goal is to contact you as quickly as possible.

An Integrity workers’ compensation representative will call to discuss the claim with you. Please research details of the claim and be ready to discuss:

  1. The circumstances of the injuries
  2. Your ability to accommodate work restrictions
  3. Any concerns you may have about the claim
  4. The employee’s prior claim history
  5. Any pre-existing medical conditions that may impact the claim
  6. Witness information

Send Integrity any information you have about the claim including:

  1. Wage history
  2. Witness statements
  3. Return to work slips
  4. Prescription drug receipts
  5. Paperwork regarding treatment
  6. State WC board correspondence

Integrity Insurance
Workers' Compensation Claims
P.O. Box 182306
Columbus, OH 43218-2306

Fax: (866) 256-9207
Email your claims information

We'll send all necessary paperwork to the Bureau of Workers' Compensation.

Stay connected

Staying connected to us is important and will assist in managing your loss costs. If there is a change in the injured worker’s employment status or your ability to accommodate work restrictions, please immediately contact your claim representative at:

Phone: (800) 686-0025
Email your claims information

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