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Slideshow: Top homeowner claims and how to avoid them

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Water, fire and theft claims are among the most common with homeowners; however, in many cases, easily avoidable. Learn how these top three homeowner claims can be avoided.

Worker outside in winter shoveling

4 tips for working in the cold

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Working outdoors during the winter months can be dangerous and possibly lead to harmful injuries, but what matters most is that you are aware of the precautions you should be taking to help better protect yourself against the cold and avoid dangerous falls due to ice. Keep these tips in mind.

Underground service lines coverage

Underground service lines coverage

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Although homeowners are responsible for damage to the service lines running to and from their home, this type of coverage is not usually included in a standard homeowners policy – leaving many unprotected. Learn more about this risk and how you can bring the coverage gap.

Cyber Protection

Top 5 Reasons Why You Need EPLI Coverage

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Employment Practices Liability Insurance is a necessary step to take in protecting your business from employee lawsuits. Here are 5 reasons why you need EPLI coverage to protect your business.

Spring Home Maintenance

Slideshow: Preparing your home for Spring

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Spring is here! With warmer temps coming our way, review this checklist and make sure your home is safe and secure throughout this rainy season.

Life-saving car items winter

Life-saving items to pack in your car this winter

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Winter weather can produce slippery and hazardous road conditions. While not all weather-related vehicle emergencies are life-threatening, some can be if you are stranded for an extended period without proper supplies. As you are preparing for the colder temps, make sure to keep these items in your car – they may end up saving your life.