A large green tractor and other farming supplies sit in a large warehouse with an open garage door.

Business owner's guide to equipment breakdown coverage

Posted in Business

Equipment breakdown coverage is designed for business owners who rely on equipment for their products or services. Learn how to prevent equipment failure and put equipment breakdown coverage to good use when your gear fails. 

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Do I need life insurance? What to consider at different life stages

Posted in Life

If you’ve ever asked yourself “Do I need life insurance?” there’s a good chance you can benefit from coverage no matter what life stage you’re at. Learn how to use life insurance to supplement your future finances and continue your legacy. 

A person in a vehicle with a black interior pulls a red first aid kit from the glove box.

Follow these road trip tips to practice safe driving

Posted in Auto

Safe driving starts with habits to keep you and your loved ones safe while you’re driving around town or taking a road trip. Learn about driving safety and ways you can decrease accidents. Plus, find out what to do to keep your family safe on the road.

A teenage girl and her mother sit in the front seats of a vehicle with their seatbelts on.

Teen safe driving: A guide for parents and guardians

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For teens, safe driving practices are a skill they will learn over time. Find out how you can establish parent rules for teenage drivers and offer teen driving safety tips to help your child learn to drive.

A grey two-story home with white window trim and an American flag hanging off the front porch.

3 factors that determine your home rebuild costs

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Hailstorms, house fires and other unexpected events can leave part of your home or the entire structure in ruin. You may be wondering what your home insurance would cover to rebuild your house if that happened to you or how much it would cost.

A couple with a large white, fluffy dog take a walk outside a white home with a large front porch.

What to include in your home buying process timeline

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If you’re shopping for your starter home, your home buying process timeline should be detailed and helpful every step of the way. Learn what you need to consider to successfully navigate the home buying and house closing process.