A middle-aged couple sits down with their agent on adjacent couches and look at a laptop screen.

Insurance policy review checklist: Tips to meet your needs

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An insurance policy review can save you time and money. Plus, it might help reduce headaches if you need to file a claim. During your insurance policy review, you and your agent can make sure you have quality coverage for a great price.

Piles of fallen trees and tree branches rest next to a backyard deck.

Thunderstorm safety tips to protect your property

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In the spring and summer months, you can expect thunderstorms, strong winds, hail, torrential rain and tornadoes to roll through the Midwest region. Use these thunderstorm safety tips to protect your family and property.

A woman enters a security code into her home smart alarm system.

Smart home technology for home security and protection

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Smart home security systems are becoming more advanced, allowing for greater control and more security features than ever. This article explores available smart home technology, how it can enhance home security and how it can protect your home from accidents such as water leaks or home fires.

A father and son clap their hands while sitting together in the open trunk of an SUV.

4 things to do when bundling insurance

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We’ve rounded up the best things to do when bundling insurance to make your experience seamless and help you save money. Learn more about shopping insurance, bundle pricing and how insurance bundle quotes work.

Two young children sit on the edge of a backyard pool enjoying popsicles. They use their feet to splash water at their parents.

Pool maintenance and safety tips

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As Coronavirus closes many public pools, inflatable kiddie pools sales are surging along with installation of above ground and inground pools. Although a pool can provide family fun, it also can cause a safety risk or death.

Home Water Damage

Why home water damage happens and how to prevent it

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Find out how sewer backup, sump pump backup, water overflow and flood damage can all cause home water damage. Plus, learn the steps you can take to reduce the risk of water damage from appliances, bathroom plumbing and other places in the home.