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Take your own pictures

Snap pictures of qualifying minor auto claims.

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Speed things up

Get a quick estimate using Easy-Snap.

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Use our encrypted app and website

Submit your pictures in a simple, secure way.

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Get a fast, convenient estimate for auto claims involving minor auto damage with Easy-Snap service. If your claim qualifies for Easy-Snap, your Integrity claims representative will text you a secure link. Submit the pictures through your choice of our app or secure website. Take pictures of your whole vehicle exterior, the VIN and the vehicle damage. Our appraisers will quickly generate an estimate and issue payment for Integrity auto claims.*

Do you have minor auto damage and need to submit a claim? Ask your Integrity claims representative if Easy-Snap is right for your Integrity Insurance auto claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know when my information has been uploaded?

You will see the dashboard (claim timeline) once your pictures are fully uploaded. It will display when your pictures were uploaded as well as the estimate once it becomes available.

How many pictures am I required to submit?

You will be prompted to submit nine pictures: passenger side front, passenger side rear, driver side front, driver side rear, three damage pictures, VIN and odometer.

What is a VIN and where do I find it?

VIN is also known as the "vehicle identification number" and it can be found either in the driver side interior dash or the driver side door jam.

What are the optional pictures? Can I use pictures that I have already taken?

Other than the nine required pictures, additional pictures can be attached at your discretion.

If I resubmit my pictures, do you have both the original and resubmitted?

Yes, the appraiser has all the pictures. You can view both your original submission details and any pictures you resubmitted, along with the date stamp in the app.

Can I retake specific pictures or do I have to retake all of them?

You don’t have to retake all of them. You can skip to the specific pictures and retake just the pictures you need.

Can I delete pictures?

No, you cannot delete pictures.

Do I have to do anything after I upload the information?

No. As soon as your car damage has been appraised you will receive the estimate. You can log back in to check your estimate.

How many days before my login expires?

The session will be active for seven (7) days. After that, you will have to log in to the mobile app or website again.

Estimate & Claim Payment

How will I know when the estimate is ready for review?

Your Integrity claims representative will contact you to provide your estimate and payment.

Device Access & Permissions

Will you access my camera for my images?

Yes, we access the camera and GPS location to use this mobile app or website.

What is your Privacy Policy? Are you sharing my data with external parties?

Please refer to the Privacy Policy in the mobile app or website link.

If you need further assistance, please contact your Integrity claims representative.

*Payment will be issued on policies with applicable coverage.