10 Reasons to call your insurance agent

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Big changes in your life can happen in the blink of an eye. Sometimes those changes can impact your auto or home insurance needs. It’s important that your insurance always reflects the appropriate coverage for your needs. How can you be sure it’s time to call your independent insurance agent? We’ve made it easy for you! Check out our list of 10 reasons you should call your insurance agent.

  1. New addition to the family – Whether you adopt a furry friend or a new baby is born, call your insurance agent to ensure they are covered.
  2. Moving – If you are moving, buying or selling a home, these are all good reasons to call your insurance agent, so they have the most up-to-date information.
  3. A big purchase – Finally buying that boat you have always wanted or purchasing an engagement ring for that special someone is exciting, but do not forget to give your agent a call so these items are covered.
  4. Marriage or divorce – A change in marital status requires a call to your insurance agent.
  5. New driver – When your child gets their license you should make sure your insurance agent is aware so they can be added to your auto insurance policy.
  6. Child going away to college – Let your agent know If your child goes off to college and won’t be driving for an extended period.
  7. Starting a home-based business – Selling on Etsy, becoming a beauty company representative, etc. are all examples of at-home businesses that your insurance agent should know about.
  8. Buying or selling a car – Updating your auto insurance policy is crucial when you buy or sell a new car to make sure all drivers and your current vehicle is insured.
  9. Retirement – What an exciting time in life! Retirement leaves so much to look forward to in your next chapter of life but remember to call your insurance agent first.
  10. Filing a claim / coverage questions – You should call your insurance agent with almost anything regarding your policy. If you want to update, change or just have questions make sure you give your agent a call.

If any of these situations apply to you, contact your independent Integrity agent today to ensure all of life’s exciting moments are covered.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and suggestion purposes only. If the insurance policy coverage descriptions in this article conflict with the language in the policy, the language in the policy applies.

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