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A man uses equipment to check meter levels on a home HVAC system.

Home equipment breakdown coverage details you need to know

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Learn what makes home equipment breakdown coverage great for saving time and money on home repairs and replacement costs. Supplement your home insurance with equipment breakdown insurance to help when equipment fails.

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Why personal cyber insurance is essential home insurance coverage

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Personal cyber insurance is an add-on option for your homeowners insurance policy that can help you create strong digital hygiene and reduce the risk of cyber threats. Learn about several benefits of personal cyber insurance.

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3 home insurance topics to discuss with your agent

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Your home insurance policy offers the best coverage when you and your agent review it routinely. It’s important to make sure your assets and property are covered, you disclose updates to your home and the policy meets your insurance goals.

The front yard of a home features several flowerbeds with various flowers and other plants

5 answers to landscaping insurance coverage questions

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Get answers to your questions about landscaping insurance coverage under your homeowners insurance policy. From different coverage limits to different tree removal, find out how to best protect and insure your outdoor spaces.

Smart home security system control panel

Smart home technology for home security and protection

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Smart home security systems are becoming more advanced, allowing for greater control and more security features than ever. This article explores available smart home technology, how it can enhance home security and how it can protect your home from accidents such as water leaks or home fires.

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10 reasons to call your insurance agent

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Big changes in your life can happen in the blink of an eye. Sometimes those changes can impact your auto or home insurance needs. It’s important that your insurance always reflects the appropriate coverage for your needs. Check out our list of 10 reasons you should call your insurance agent.