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A grey two-story home with white window trim and an American flag hanging off the front porch.

3 factors that determine your home rebuild costs

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Hailstorms, house fires and other unexpected events can leave part of your home or the entire structure in ruin. You may be wondering what your home insurance would cover to rebuild your house if that happened to you or how much it would cost.

A couple with a large white, fluffy dog take a walk outside a white home with a large front porch.

What to include in your home buying process timeline

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If you’re shopping for your starter home, your home buying process timeline should be detailed and helpful every step of the way. Learn what you need to consider to successfully navigate the home buying and house closing process.

A woman sitting on a gray couch holding a smartphone sits near a table with three lit candles.

Home fire prevention and safety tips

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You and your family can prevent a home fire from damaging your home and belongings. By learning about fire hazards, creating a fire escape plan, keeping battery backups for smoke alarms handy and practicing family fire safety, you can stay fire safe.

A woman in a striped tank top and white pants holds a mug while standing outside her parked RV.

The essentials of boat, motorcycle and RV insurance

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Get outside for a fun ride with help from motorcycle, boat or RV insurance. Learn how the right insurance can offer protection so you can enjoy your outdoor hobbies all season long with ample liability coverage or personal injury coverage.

A gray brick exterior of a building crumbles where the foundation meets the ground.

When to worry about cracks in your foundation

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Soil expansion, severe storm damage and old age are just a few ways foundation cracks can form in your home. Learn about different types of cracks in foundations, signs you need foundation repair and what foundation repairs are covered by insurance.

A man uses equipment to check meter levels on a home HVAC system.

Home equipment breakdown coverage details you need to know

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Learn what makes home equipment breakdown coverage great for saving time and money on home repairs and replacement costs. Supplement your home insurance with equipment breakdown insurance to help when equipment fails.