Tips to stay safe during storm season

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Outside of home with wet porch after rain

Spring and summer months can produce volatile weather in the Midwest, including strong winds, hail, torrential rain, and tornadoes. This kind of weather has the potential to damage your most essential belongings. It’s important to follow these tips to help safeguard your home, vehicles, family and pets during stormy weather.

Here are some easy steps you can take to ensure your physical assets are protected:

Roof Inspection

Have your roof inspected (preferably each spring) to keep water from creeping in and causing damage.

Seal all windows and doors

With heightened levels of precipitation during the spring and summer months it’s essential to shield windows and doors from water entering your home.

Clear your yard of any debris

Prevent items from being swept up during high-wind storms and causing detriment to your home.

Clean gutters often

Properly working gutters help control the flow of water, keeping your roof, foundation, interior and exterior of your home safe from damage.

Keep a watchful eye on your sump pump

Confirm it’s working correctly and have a battery back-up sump pump as a precaution.

Inventory and document all items in your home

If an unfortunate event were to occur, you can have peace of mind knowing your belongings are accounted for. Read more about why a home inventory is important.

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If possible, park your vehicle in a sheltered area

This will help to shield your vehicle from hail and flying debris.

Close car windows

Keep the interior of your vehicles protected from rain, hail and flying debris.

As essential as it is to safeguard your physical assets, it is just as crucial to ensure safety within your family.

Designate a safe room or area in your home for your family to go to in case of a tornado

This area should be underground, such as a basement, and away from windows. If a basement is not an option, the next best area is the inner-most room of your home with no windows.

Put together an emergency kit

Include food and water for at least three days, batteries, flashlights, blankets and a change of clothes.

Have emergency details on hand

Know the location of the nearest hospital and vet clinic, along with contact information. Set up to get weather alerts on your mobile device or via The Weather Channel website.

Preparing your belongings and your family is essential this spring and summer season. Make sure your home and auto are fully protected for any scenario by giving your local independent agent a call today.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational and suggestion purposes only. Implementing one or more of these suggestions does not guarantee coverage. If any policy coverage descriptions in this article conflict with the language in the policy, the language in the policy applies. For full details on Integrity’s home insurance coverages and discounts, contact your local, independent Integrity insurance agent.

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