Why choose an independent insurance agent?

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Independent insurance agent listens to her client during a meeting

Buying insurance can be one of the most important decisions you can make. Whether you own a home or condo, car or are looking to insure your business, choosing the method in which to purchase insurance to protect your important valuables or your business is critical.

At Integrity Insurance, we’ve partnered with the best Independent Insurance agents in Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin. Independent agents create high-value for customers and there are countless advantages to having one in your corner.

Professional advice

  • Independent agents offer professional advice. States have different requirements for licenses but all agents are required to be licensed by the state where they are domiciled and must pursue continuing education to remain licensed
  • Whether you are recently married, divorced, moving to a new house, have kids attending college, hiring additional staff, purchasing new equipment or any other life or business change, you can count on the advice of a professional, independent agent to guide you through your insurance needs
  • Insurance policies are not the same. Independent agents offer alternatives and can explain the coverage differences to meet your needs
  • Insurance policies and the variety of different coverage options are not easy to understand. An independent agent can assist you with understanding these differences and provide you with professional advice to help you with your coverage decisions
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Relationships built with customers

  • When protecting your safety and security, it’s important to have extreme confidence in counting on someone that knows you and has your back. Purchasing insurance from an independent agent provides you with a supportive relationship to help you manage your most important assets
  • You will be treated like a person, not just another number or a voice on the phone. Independent agents depend on you and you can trust in your relationship with them


  • Independent agents represent multiple insurance companies. They have the ability to choose the proper coverage at the right price that meets your needs, not the needs of an individual insurance company
  • By having contracts with a number of insurance companies, independent agents can provide you with a choice of insurance products that best suit you or your business

One stop shopping

  • Independent agents do all the work. You simply need to provide them with the basic information to gather a quote for you and they can provide you a program tailored to you and your needs from different insurance carriers, providing you with alternatives in coverage and deductible options

Personalized claim service

  • At the time of a claim, you can seek support and professional, personal advice on the reporting of your claim, your claim status, coverage support and proper and timely payments from your insurance company through your independent agent

Quality partner companies

  • Independent agents not only offer you the option of choice but represent a number of quality insurance companies that they contractually represent. These companies work exclusively through independent agents and understand the importance of providing coverage and service that are important to you

Specialization in certain coverage or niches

  • Independent agents represent insurance companies that specialize in certain products or have an appetite to write specific types of businesses. Whether you have unique fine arts, jewelry, a condo out of state or out of the country, own a business that has unique insurance needs, independent agents have access to a variety of markets that specialize in certain coverage or programs that can meet your specific needs

Exceptional customer service

  • Independent agents realize the importance of providing you with exceptional service. They pride themselves on providing the type of service you deserve with live customer service specialists that are eager to service you


  • Independent agents represent you to insurance companies. They negotiate on your behalf and look out for your best interests at all times

Are you in the market for an agent? Check out this easy tool to help find an agent in your area.

This article is for informational and suggestion purposes only. Implementing one or more of these suggestions does not guarantee coverage. For full details on Integrity’s business, auto, home and life insurance coverages and discounts, contact your local, independent Integrity insurance agent.

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