Life Insurance

Life insurance is important protection for your loved ones. Our agents can help you find the best fit for you and your budget.

Integrity* has been helping customers provide security for their loved ones for decades, without making it a financial burden. Actually, many misjudge life insurance rates by up to 300%.1 The key to choosing the right amount at the right price is an independent agent. They can provide you peace of mind, knowing the important people in your life will be financially secure, even if the unforeseen occurs.

Call your independent agent today to hear why financial security for your nearest and dearest equals comfort for you. Here are a handful of reasons:

  • Salary relief.

    Fifty percent of employees in the United States would suffer financially following one month of lost wages.2 Wouldn’t your family benefit from continuing to receive your income dollars?
  • College savings.

    Is it important to you to ensure there are funds set aside for your children to attend college even if you are gone?
  • Mortgage security.

    The passing of a primary wage earner can lead to losing your family’s home. Could your family pay off the current home loan if something happened to you?
  • Trust creation.

    Would you like to pass on your wealth to a favorite charity or your relatives? These benefits are typically federal income tax-free and can disburse beyond the premiums paid, life insurance can provide a practical option.
  • Burial costs.

    The customary costs of a funeral, medical bills and other burial charges average around $15,000.3 Can your family pay those costs if the unexpected happens?
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2 - Life Foundation
3 - National Funeral Directors Association

*Available coverages and discounts may vary by state. Please contact your Integrity Independent Agent to discuss coverage details, discounts and eligibility requirements. For specific coverage details, always refer to your policy. If the policy coverage descriptions herein conflict with the language in the policy, the language in the policy applies.

*Integrity Insurance doesn’t offer life insurance products. All life policies are underwritten by Grange Life Insurance Company, Columbus OH, or Kansas City Life, Kansas City, MO, and are subject to underwriting approval. Not available in all states.