A father and son clap their hands while sitting together in the open trunk of an SUV.

4 things to do when bundling insurance

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We’ve rounded up the best things to do when bundling insurance to make your experience seamless and help you save money. Learn more about shopping insurance, bundle pricing and how insurance bundle quotes work.

Two young children sit on the edge of a backyard pool enjoying popsicles. They use their feet to splash water at their parents.

Pool maintenance and safety tips

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As Coronavirus closes many public pools, inflatable kiddie pools sales are surging along with installation of above ground and inground pools. Although a pool can provide family fun, it also can cause a safety risk or death.

Home Water Damage

Why home water damage happens and how to prevent it

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Find out how sewer backup, sump pump backup, water overflow and flood damage can all cause home water damage. Plus, learn the steps you can take to reduce the risk of water damage from appliances, bathroom plumbing and other places in the home.

Actual Cash Value Replacement Cost

Is it better to have actual cash value or replacement cost?

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Find out how actual cash value and replacement cost policies differ when it’s time to replace covered perils. If you have a preference, you can use this knowledge to work with your independent agent and find coverages that match.

A man in white hard hat uses a tablet to take infrared imaging of ceiling ducts inside a warehouse.

Feel prepared during an OSHA inspection

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You don’t have to be overwhelmed during an OSHA inspection. Learn about the different parts of an OSHA inspection and how to handle citations if you’re given a penalty. Plus, find out how our experienced risk control team can help you minimize risks.

A man in blue work coveralls kneels in a bathroom corner to install large white tiles on the wall.

General contractor liability insurance and other coverages

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General contractors need liability insurance to help cover costs when they are found liable for damage or harm. Learn about the ins and outs of general contractor liability insurance plus other business insurance coverages you should consider.