A gray brick exterior of a building crumbles where the foundation meets the ground.

When to worry about cracks in your foundation

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Soil expansion, severe storm damage and old age are just a few ways foundation cracks can form in your home. Learn about different types of cracks in foundations, signs you need foundation repair and what foundation repairs are covered by insurance.

Woman uses tools to fix plumbing under a sink.

Electrical, HVAC and plumbing safety procedures

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Get insight about what electrical, HVAC and plumbing safety procedures can help you avoid risk, injury or loss for your business. Learn about the importance of contractors risk management plans and why contractors and businesses should work together.

Two tires on a dark vehicle roll over a road that is covered in snow.

How to drive in snow or ice

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Knowing how to drive in snow or ice is very important if you live in a snowy region. Learn how to identify winter weather risks, prepare your car for cold temperatures and tips for driving in winter. Find out how to gather the right information about road conditions to make winter driving safer.

Shoveled snow clears a brick walking path.

Prepare your business for extreme cold weather

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You can prepare your business for extreme cold weather by following a list of winterization tips that are designed to protect your property and keep employees and customers safe. Learn what you can do to avoid business disruptions due to extreme cold, winter storms and more.

A man uses equipment to check meter levels on a home HVAC system.

Home equipment breakdown coverage details you need to know

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Learn what makes home equipment breakdown coverage great for saving time and money on home repairs and replacement costs. Supplement your home insurance with equipment breakdown insurance to help when equipment fails.

Smiling woman sits in a living room holding a tablet

Why personal cyber insurance is essential home insurance coverage

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Personal cyber insurance is an add-on option for your homeowners insurance policy that can help you create strong digital hygiene and reduce the risk of cyber threats. Learn about several benefits of personal cyber insurance.