Man working at home-office desk

Work from home tips

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Many Americans are now working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Working from home does have its benefits, like no daily commute or need to dress up. It also means it’s up to you to keep yourself motivated. Here are some helpful tips for setting yourself up for success.

Construction worker attached to harness

Identify and avoid construction safety risks

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In the construction industry, accidents of varying severity happen every day. It is important to be aware and stay safe to avoid injury for everyone on site. Here are the most common risks and what you can do to minimize them.

Small business owner working

How your small business can integrate a Business Continuity Plan

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As a small business owner, you might not always think about scenarios that could disrupt your profit and daily operations. However, it is crucial to have a Business Continuity Plan to ensure you are ready for any crisis.

House in spring

Slideshow: Top homeowner claims and how to avoid them

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Water, fire and theft claims are among the most common with homeowners; however, in many cases, easily avoidable. Learn how these top three homeowner claims can be avoided.

Worker outside in winter shoveling

4 tips for working in the cold

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Working outdoors during the winter months can be dangerous and possibly lead to harmful injuries, but what matters most is that you are aware of the precautions you should be taking to help better protect yourself against the cold and avoid dangerous falls due to ice. Keep these tips in mind.

Underground service lines coverage

Underground service lines coverage

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Although homeowners are responsible for damage to the service lines running to and from their home, this type of coverage is not usually included in a standard homeowners policy – leaving many unprotected. Learn more about this risk and how you can bring the coverage gap.