The essentials of boat, motorcycle and RV insurance

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Your outdoor hobbies are your chance to soak up the sun, enjoy the fresh air and spend quality time with friends and family. Whether you’re setting out for a full day of boating on your favorite lake or you’re gearing up for a family road trip in the trusty RV, you need quality insurance to protect your outdoor pursuits.

From motorcycles to jet skis to golf carts, your coverage needs will vary depending on the summer hobbies you enjoy and what types of items you own. Some outdoor entertainment equipment doesn’t require insurance, for others, protection can be added to your homeowners or auto insurance policy. There are also stand-alone policies for certain recreational vehicles.

Learn the essentials of boat insurance, motorcycle insurance and RV insurance to take the confusion out of protecting your outdoor fun. You’ll find out what kind of insurance you need for your outdoor hobbies and if you can bundle it or add it to existing insurance policies. There are also details for those who decide to rent instead of buy their equipment.

RV insurance for motorhomes, campers and trailers

Types of RVs

One of the most important steps in preparation to take your motorhome, camper or trailer out for a road trip is to make sure it’s insured. Motorhome recreation vehicles (RVs) are classified in different groups based on their features, amenities and size. The groups are Class A, Class B, Class B+ and Class C. Like the name motorhome suggests, these vehicles are motorized and offer layouts with a driving cabin, sleeping quarters and storage.

Sometimes smaller versions are called campervans for their compact size that’s easy to drive. Larger, luxurious motorhomes may be equipped with kitchen features and reach lengths of up to 45 feet. Pop-up campers, known for their fabric screens and walls that expand from a compact camper, are also considered RVs. Trailers that are hitched and towed by a motor vehicle also fall under the classification of RVs. Trailer insurance is not required by law because it is not a motorized vehicle. However, you may wish to choose coverage for your trailer to protect it in the event of damage while traveling or in use. Talk to your independent agent to learn how you can protect your trailer under your auto insurance policy.

Will you own or rent an RV?

Whether you decide to own or rent, RV insurance is necessary for all motorized or motorhome style RVs. While each state requires a different amount of insurance coverage, you will usually need minimum liability and personal injury coverage. For rentals, you can typically insure your motorhome through the rental provider or choose your own third-party insurance provider.

What you can expect from RV insurance

When you sign up for a traditional RV insurance policy, here are some coverages you can expect:

  • Damage incurred from water, fire or falling objects
  • Liability coverage for damage to property or bodily injury
  • Personal injury protection (where applicable)

All in all, if your camper is motorized, you need RV insurance to meet state requirements. Talk to an Integrity agent today to learn more about RV insurance options.

RV insurance costs

RV insurance costs take several factors into consideration. The value of your RV, your driving record, whether you use the RV on a part-time or full-time basis and other factors can impact the cost. You may be able to save on your policy by bundling your RV insurance with an auto insurance policy. Plus, anti-theft technology could help you lower risks and keep your costs low.

Boat insurance for everything from sailboats to speedboats

Types of boats

When it comes to protecting your boat, whether or not it has a motor and the size of the vessel will help determine what kind of boat insurance you need. However, finding the right boat insurance gets more complicated with potential bodily injury risks and property damage risks. Here’s a breakdown of what coverage you can expect to need for your boat type:

Small boats with no motor or speeds less than 25 miles per hour

Homeowners policies typically provide limited coverage for property damage for small boats. In many cases, the boat, motor and trailer are protected. However, liability coverage is not included. Some carriers can add an endorsement to your homeowners policy for liability coverage. You may also be able to add your small boat to a renters insurance policy.

Personal watercraft, fast boats and yachts

Large boats and personal watercraft, like jet skis, require a separate boat insurance policy. The size, horse power, amenities, value, vessel type, condition and boating or sailing location are all boat insurance factors. In general, coverage will include:

  • Physical damage to the boat
  • Theft, medical payments and property damage
  • Broader liability protection than a homeowners policy

Other boat insurance options can include guest passenger liability, loss or theft of belongings, towing and more. In the event your boat is totaled or stolen, your property coverage will cover either actual cash value or replacement cost.

Contact an Integrity independent agent to learn more about our boat insurance options and discounts you may qualify for.

Do you need boat insurance for owning and renting?

A peer-to-peer (P2P) boat rental, or renting someone else’s boat through a service, can be a great option for enjoying your outdoor hobby without the commitment of owning a boat. You’ll want to make sure the boat owner has extensive liability coverage. For added measure, consider getting a P2P insurance policy to cover your duration of the boat rental.

If you work with a boat rental company, the company’s property and liability coverages are designed for boat rentals. You will likely need to sign a rental agreement, but boat insurance for your rental won’t be required.

For boat owners, insurance requirements vary state to state. However, most marinas and storage facilities will require insurance. If you use a loan from your bank to purchase the boat, there’s a good chance they will require insurance as well.

Boat insurance costs

Boat insurance costs go hand-in-hand with the coverage you need. For instance, adding a small sailboat to your homeowners policy will be less expensive than a separate boat policy for a speedboat.

Talk to your independent Integrity agent to learn more about boat insurance pricing.

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Motorcycle insurance

Coverage options and requirements for your motorcycle

Cruisers, sport bikes, mopeds and all other motorcycles require a motorcycle insurance policy to ride. Legal requirements vary by state, but most motorcycle policies must have liability coverage. You may choose to add one or more of these coverage options for extra protection:

  • Personal injury protection—helps cover medical costs for you, your passenger or pedestrians regardless of who is at-fault for the accident. This coverage is only available in certain states.
  • Collision—covers damage to your bike after the deductible is met.
  • Roadside assistance—towing, tire replacement and other emergency services on the side of the road.
  • Transport trailer coverage—protection for the trailer you use to tow your motorcycle.

Coverage add-on options aren’t all one in the same. Talk to your Integrity independent agent to learn about your customizable options for motorcycle insurance and roadside assistance.

Can you bundle auto and motorcycle insurance?

Many carriers offer bundling options for your auto insurance and motorcycle insurance. Plus, bundling may be able to help you qualify for discounts on your insurance premiums. Contact your Integrity independent agent to learn more.

Motorcycle insurance costs

Motorcycle insurance tends to be more affordable than car insurance, but the costs can depend on your driving history, age, location and the coverage options you choose.

Choose Integrity to protect your investments in outdoor hobbies

You need quality, dependable insurance for your outdoor pursuits like riding your motorcycle, boating with friends or taking a trip in the RV with the whole family. Integrity Insurance offers customizable coverage options to fit your needs and discounts to help you save money. Talk to an Integrity independent agent today to learn more.

Coverages described herein may not be available in all states. Please contact one of our local independent agents for complete details on coverages and discounts. If the policy coverage descriptions herein conflict with the language in the policy, the language in the policy applies. The material provided above is for informational, educational and/or suggestion purposes only, and does not imply coverage. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO QUOTE ANY INDIVIDUAL PREMIUM RATE FOR THE INSURANCE HEREIN ADVERTISED. Applicable policies may be underwritten by Grange Insurance Company, Trustgard Insurance Company, Grange Indemnity Insurance Company, Grange Insurance Company of Michigan* and Grange Property & Casualty Insurance Company*, Integrity Insurance Company*, Integrity Property & Casualty Insurance Company*, Integrity Select Insurance Company*. *Not licensed in Pennsylvania

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