Nurse Triage Program: A win for employers and employees

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It’s no secret workers’ compensation costs can be a large budget-eater for businesses of all sizes. Some insurance companies offer nurse triage as a solution to help customers control and minimize these costs.

How does a nurse triage program work?

Nurse triage is an injury hotline which allows employers to respond to workplace injuries at the most critical point — the day the injury happens. A medical professional (usually a registered nurse) helps workers determine the most effective course of action after an injury, either providing self-care instruction or directing the individual to an appropriate level of care. Implementing immediate action can reduce the likelihood of lost work days and lessen the number of unnecessary visits to the doctor and ER.

How does nurse triage influence claims costs?

With this approach, the employer and insurance company are both aware of the injured employee immediately and can better handle claims, keeping costs down and potentially lowering your company’s experience modification rate (EMR). The smaller the EMR, the more likely your workers’ compensation insurance cost will be lower.

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Does a nurse triage program offer any other benefits?

Nurse triage is a win for employers and employees. Here are some additional benefits:

  • Provides timely, appropriate medical advice for employees
  • Records calls for case filing, quality assurance and fraud defense
  • May help employees return to work faster
  • Improves morale by showing employees the company cares about their well-being
  • Reduces lag time in reporting (long lag times have been shown to increase claims costs)
  • Potential to reduce direct and indirect bottom line costs to employer

How can I enroll my company in a nurse triage program?

Contact your local independent insurance agent for complete details on workers’ compensation coverage and if you qualify for Integrity’s complimentary Nurse Triage Program.

This article is for informational and suggestion purposes only. Implementing one or more of these suggestions does not guarantee coverage. If the policy coverage descriptions in this article conflict with the language in the policy, the language in the policy applies. For full details on Integrity’s business insurance coverages and discounts, including workers’ compensation coverage and the Nurse Triage Program, contact your local, independent Integrity insurance agent.

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