Care for your employees with a nurse triage program

Your employees are your greatest asset. In case of a workplace injury, invest in their care at the most critical point.

To report an injury, call the 24/7 nurse hotline:

(844) 476-3250

Always dial 911 in the event of a life-threatening emergency.

What is a nurse triage program?

Integrity partners with Medcor to provide injured employees with 24/7 access to a registered nurse. The nurse evaluates employee injuries and directs them to the most appropriate and cost-effective level of care.

Integrity's nurse triage program is a complimentary benefit for our workers' compensation customers*. This service is designed to:

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Offer appropriate care and reduce unnecessary emergency room visits
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Control workers' compensation costs
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Provide an immediate, detailed injury report.
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Help employees get back to work faster

Here’s how it works:

The injured employee and their supervisor should call the nurse hotline immediately following an injury, if possible.

The employee will be asked to provide information to identify themselves and complete reporting requirements.

A registered nurse will speak with the caller(s) to determine the seriousness and nature of the injury and the best way to treat it.

Depending on the situation, the employee may be guided through first aid, allowed back to work or referred off-site to a medical facility for further treatment.

The employee will be asked to call back with any questions or if symptoms change or worsen.

After the call, the nurse will send an injury report to the employer and Integrity Insurance.

Common questions about Integrity’s nurse triage program

Call duration will vary but the average call lasts 15 minutes.

If needed, a translator may be added to the call. There are more than 200 languages available.

Yes. The nurse triage service does not deny employees their right to medical care. It is intended to provide expert advice to help employees make the best decision for their medical care.

No. The nurse triage program is a telephonic injury assessment service. The registered nurse will fax or email the necessary information to Integrity Insurance to document the incident.

No. You should follow your company guidelines if a visitor is injured at your business.

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*Contact your independent insurance agent to see if your account qualifies for the nurse triage program.

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