The risk to your business is real.

Securing your information is crucial. A cyber-attack on your business means increased costs for you and it can quickly damage the relationships you have built with your customers.

Breaches can come in many shapes and sizes. Slip-ups by employees, catastrophic weather and third-party mishaps are all risks your business can face.

Integrity understands small business – which is why cyber protection is a standard part of our Business Owner Policy (BOP) and Commercial Package Policy (CPP). Call your Integrity independent agent today to start protecting your business with coverage created specifically for you.

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Integrity and CyberScout, your partners in protection

Integrity has joined with cyber defense service CyberScout to safeguard your business and its relationships. As specialists, CyberScout is a resource to help you ward off cyber threats and maintain the safety of your online data. CyberScout currently defends more than 770,000 businesses in the United States and Canada. Integrity and CyberScout will team up to:

  • Develop a valuable data breach response plan
  • Provide guidance on the most effective response strategy
  • Safeguard your business reputation
  • Avoid regulatory penalties or fines

Current policyholders: CyberScout provides a large selection of information to assist you in keeping your business protected. Check out our breach response site and sign in using your policy information.

If you experience a data breach, please call the Integrity Claim Center at 800-445-3030.

Complete coverage

  • First party: Data breach expense coverage for key items like notification letters to your clients and call handling and reporting.
  • Third party: Third-party liability coverage consisting of media wrongful acts, network security wrongful acts and privacy wrongful acts.
  • Ransomware and cyber extortion: Defense versus criminals who demand compensation (anywhere between $500-$1000) to remove malware they have installed on your device.

Find out more on cyber protection and the value it provides in this brochure.