Umbrella liability insurance to extend your coverage

Layer umbrella coverage with your Integrity home or auto insurance policy to get the right coverage where you need it.

When you need umbrella liability insurance

Home and auto insurance are often the first things you think of when assessing your insurance needs. However, umbrella liability insurance can provide extra protection for risks beyond what’s included with a traditional home or auto policy.

People who are exposed to more risks should consider umbrella coverage. Some examples of such risks are:

Dog owners

Those who commute or drive during rush hour

Rental property owners

Children’s sport coaches

Trampoline or pool owners

People who engage in hobbies that could injure others (e.g., skiing or hunting)

Young girls jumps on a netted trampoline.

What is covered under umbrella liability insurance?



Extra liability coverage

  • What is it? Protection against claims that may not be covered by the coverage limits of your home or auto policies.
  • When you may need it: You are responsible for a multiple vehicle accident and the costs exceed the limits on your auto insurance policy.

Personal liability coverage

  • What is it? Also known as libel or defamation insurance, this protects you against claims of slander, false arrest, libel and character defamation.
  • When you may need it: You post to social media about an argument with your neighbor. Your neighbor sees the post and sues you for character defamation.

Legal expense insurance

  • What is it? This covers payment of legal fees and claims costs (such as medical payments) that may not be covered by your home or auto policy.
  • When you may need it: You are found liable for injuries caused by a covered loss. The claims costs or cost to hire an attorney exceeds your home or auto policy limits.

Adding umbrella coverage to your policy

To add umbrella insurance, your insurance policies must meet certain coverage requirements. Work with your independent agent to review your needs when completing your umbrella insurance application.*

A soccer coach speaks to two young players sitting on the field.

Comprehensive coverage for peace of mind

Don’t let “what if” scenarios weigh on you. Talk to your independent agent about adding umbrella coverage to your home or auto insurance policy.

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*Minimum coverage limits for Auto Bodily Injury ($250,000/500,000) and Property Damage ($100,000) and Home Comprehensive Personal Liability ($300,000) are required to apply for Personal Umbrella. Some primary policies may need to meet additional minimum coverage requirements not listed.

Coverages described herein may not be available in all states. Please contact a local independent Integrity agent for complete details on coverages and discounts. If the policy coverage descriptions herein conflict with the language in the policy, the language in the policy applies. For the coverage to apply, a claim must be made and reported during the policy period. Scenarios above are not actual claims. The material provided above is for informational, educational, or suggestion purposes and does not imply coverage. WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE TO QUOTE ANY INDIVIDUAL PREMIUM RATE FOR THE INSURANCE HEREIN ADVERTISED. Integrity Insurance policies are underwritten by Integrity Insurance Company, an affiliate of Grange Insurance Company, and Integrity’s subsidiaries. Integrity companies not licensed in Pennsylvania.